Welcome to our site, we hope you find what you need, if not please do contact us with your requirements and we'll do our very best to help.

We are based in Somerset and like everyone else in the equestrian world have mud on our boots and the odd mint or three in our pocket.

If you're after any of the legal bits they're at the bottom of the page, but in the meantime lets introduce the team

 ChairMare Hollie


At 24 years old Hollie is our senior partner, we keep trying to retire her but she's refusing to go quietly and instead insists on going out and still winning rosettes at every opportunity.

There are no tricks Hollie hasn't seen or most likely done in her time so there's no fooling her and if you put a foot out of line she has an excellent line in withering looks.

Chief Operating Pony Charlie

Chief Operating Pony

At a mere 11 years old Charlie is our newest member of staff, joining in March 2019. Like many a young chap before him blessed with a fancy hair style Charlie is used to admiring looks and essentially believes it's all about him. Don't tell him, but he's probably right.

He's also determined not to be out done by Hollie and has started his own rosette collection already.




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